2021, Recreation Commission, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Recreation Committee meeting minutes: 28-June-2021


Location: Wilmer Park at 6:00pm


In Attendance:

Frank Rhodes

Emily Genther (absent)

Jim Bogden

Nathanial Woodrow

Rosemary Ramsey Granillo

Harold Somerville (absent)

Trish McGee

Charles Lerner

Linda Moyer

Stewart Grey


  1. Ad hoc committee met June 23, 2012 for general discussion on design deadline. Read the call for design for the Wilmer park playground.
  2. Jim asks Nat if the review meets their Ad hoc committee.
  3. There is a low spot where water builds up. Rosie mentions a flat spot in design.
  4. Discussions
    1. Steward Grey brings up fence height and drainage issues
    2. Charles Lerner discusses pricing, swing sets, and natural environment. Would like to see: conceptual ideas, ADA required, handicapped accessible, and a 3000-5000ft footprint.
      1. CRC unanimously approved the recommendations
  5. Meeting adjourned.



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