Recreation Commission, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Recreation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Location: Remote Zoom meeting at 6:00pm

In Attendance: Harold Somerville, Frank Rhodes, Brandt Troup, Emily Genther, Jim Bogden, Nathanial Woodrow, Chip MacLeod, Tom Hertz, Molly Judge, Jimmy Judge, Charles Lerner, Patty Heaps, Carla Johnson, Linda Boyer


  1. Ajax Park Improvement:
    • Original plan adjusted in compromise with the neighbors’ wishes. Plan was presented.
    • Dimensions of proposed toddler playground: too small, too close to parking lot?
    • Is the proposed wooded fence allowed in the historic district.
    • Will the parks improvements be piecemeal as donations are made, or will the whole park be overhauled at once when total funds are acquired?
    • Some would prefer basic cosmetic improvements to the park over major structural changes.
  2. Frank Rhodes set forward a motion to approve the Ajax plan (Plan A) presented at the meeting as one of 3 that will be presented to the Town Council. Jim Bogden will create 2 additional plans (Plans B and C) to also present to the council at the same time as Plan A. Motion was seconded by Jim Bogden and passed in a vote by committee members.
  1. Carpenter Park Playground:
    • Previous set was deemed unsafe by the town and disposed of.
    • Playset needs to be replaced. Ideas for fundraising were submitted and will be looked into (CRC, grants, donations, appeal to county for funds).
    • Harold will look playset ideas and present findings at the next meeting.


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