Recreation Commission, 2021, Town Agendas & Minutes|

Chestertown Recreation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Location: Louisa Carpenter Park Pavilion at 6:00pm

In Attendance:  Frank Rhodes, Emily Genther, Jim Bogden, Nathanial Woodrow, Rosemary Ramsey Granillo, Harold Somerville (absent), Carla Johnson, Kees de Mooy, Nancy Bennington, Charles Lerner


  1. Motion made to amend meeting minutes from April 26, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion approved.
  2. Kees de Mooy (Zoning admin for Chestertown) distributes information on the workings and rules of town committees.
  3. Kees submits information on 1 million dollars of state allocated funding for Recreation improvements.
  4. Would like to provide town park update ideas to the town council.
  5. Nancy Bennington raised concerns over the Wilmer park playground.
  6. Charles Lerner suggested installing portable bathrooms in all Chestertown public parks.
  7. Frank Rhodes makes motion to ask town council to put portable bathrooms in all parks. Emily Genther seconded. Motion passed
  8. Jim Bogden presented 2022 budget allocation ideas to present to town. Rosemary Granillo motions to send budget request to town for approval.
  9. Rosemary Granillo motions to adjourn meeting
  10. Next meeting set for Monday, June 14th at 6:00PM, location pending.


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