Recreation Commission, 2018|

Attended: Emily Welsh, Jim Bogden, Brandt Troup, Carol Mylander, Harold Somerville, Dinah Hicks, and Amy Meeks

The Louis Carpenter grant application was approved! It will allow a new walking trail, pavilion, and basketball court (to name a few items) to be build/created in the green space at Washington Park. 

Washington Park day will be August 11th from 3-9pm. CRC will provide 2 bounce houses and porta pots. Amy will contact the bounce house vendor and Harold will contact the portable restroom vendor. CRC will also sponsor an outdoor movie (TBD title).

Summer movies at Fountain Park schedule: June 1st (Harold and Carol)

July 6th (Jim and Brandt), August 3 (Amy and Emily), and September 7th (Harold and Dinah).

We reviewed the current members that the town had on record. Members no longer active include: Bill Arrowood, Nivek Johnson, and Caren Saunders. Carol Mylander will be stepping down (but still helping with a few things). Current active members: Amy Meeks, Emily Welsh, Brandt Troup.  New interested members include: Jim Bogden, Harold Somerville (already completed background check), Dinah Hicks, and Hunter Johnson.

Emily and Jim have two other people in mind that might like to join. They will contact the individuals.

CRC would like to have security cameras installed at AJAX. Amy will email Chief Baker with Chestertown Police Department to start that conversation. 

The baseball field is in need of repair. Harold will email Tom Sappington regarding dirt for the field. Carol will contact Andy Meehan (Rotary) to see if they will purchase dirt.

Amy will email John Hudson (pickleball) Frank Hurst (bocce)’s phone number.

CRC voted to purchase a swing set for Bailey Park. Amy will email Bill about location and set up/delivery. Emily will research sets within a $2700 budget. 

Brandt will order new banners to advertise the summer movies.

Budget wish list items for next year: movies, security cameras, bounce houses and portable restrooms, Hall-o-teen, Egg Hunt, playground at Bailey park.

Next meeting 6/21/18 @ 6pm @ Procs.


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