Recreation Commission, 2020|


Attended: Chris Cerino, Tom Hertz, Jim Bogden, Harold Somerville, Amy Crouch, Frank Rhodes, Paul Tue, Doncella Wilson, Carla Johnson, Molly Judge, Tom and Melinda Lippincott, Chip MacLeod

 An informal meeting was held at the Ajax pocket park after a letter in opposition of the Ajax park improvements was received. Mr. MacLeod asked for clarification of the role of the Recreation Commission and what were the current plans for Ajax improvements. Amy presented the current proposal to those in attendance (the proposal that has already been presented to the Mayor and Town Council during one of their meetings). There was some discussion about the history of the park and plans to dedicate the improved park to Daryl “Cleats” Deaton. The property owners (those owning property adjacent to the park) in attendance voiced their opposition to a full sized basketball court at the park. Mr. MacLeod said he would follow up with a letter informing the Recreation Commission what his clients would like to see at the park.


Mr. MacLeod’s letter was received 12/2/20. A follow up meeting between the Recreation Commission and three property owners is scheduled for 1/13/21 via Zoom at 5pm.

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