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Recreation Commission

October 24, 2016


Team excursion, Imperial

Attendees: Troup, Meeks, Welsh, Mylander

Pumpkin Patch Reset: The team noted that efforts have been to have events on “off” weeks to extend more weeks with things to do for families.  While weather impacted attendance at pumpkin patch, a trend of declining attendance has been noticed at various events.  The team believes that supplementing existing events with our activities is the direction we should head.

HalloTeen: County health department would like some help with this event.  We will set up a movie and provide support as needed.  The commission agreed to front the cost of the movie license, and will bill KCHD and KCPR to help defray the cost.  This will also be a test case for the “organic vs. merger” experiment.

Ajax: Benches have been moved out of Fountain Park and into Ajax.  The new fence looks great.  Brandt drafted a reference letter for Rebuilding Kent to use in solicitation efforts.  Brandt will have this approved by council at 11/7 meeting.  Upon confirmation with Town Manager, tetherball pole to be installed.  This was donated by a local family.

Washington Park:  Brandt noted that CRC should pivot towards this space.  The community has a wish list for the park, and CRC has identified opportunities.  These will be presented at 11/7 council meeting.  Brandt requested of the team to find an overhead of the park and suggest where certain amenities should be placed.  Council is generally amenable to ideas planned.

Pokémon scavenger hunt: Nivek Johnson of CRC was in discussion with DCA about this cooperative idea.  Nivek unavailable for comment on progress.  Tabled by the chairman at this time.

Mini golf: Golf equipment and installations at the bowling alley are available.  After Ajax fence installation, CRC budget is somewhat constrained.  In addition the Mayor is not certain that this would be a good fit for the Town’s parks.  The team asked if Kay McIntosh from econ development could be engaged to help refine the idea as a possible revenue producer.  Brandt will reach out to Kay about collaborating.

Meeting adjourned 7:20

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