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Recreation Commission

July 27, 2015



Brandt Troup, Jen Hicks, Carol Mylander, Jane Jewell (6:50), Bill Arrowood (conference if quorum achieved)

Quorum was not established to cover the topics slated for new business.  Discussion took place on items not requiring motions.

Attendance and membership were discussed.

The members in attendance like the idea of collecting used equipment at the Farmers Market two dates in August, then redistributing the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. A non-profit permit will be submitted to the town manager for approval.

The playground resolution was discussed, but not passed. Enhancements will be made to the document for passage and submittal to M&C.

Bill Arrowood wanted us to discuss a donation to the Kent Massive music and arts festival.

Requirements for Washington Park Day were again tabled, as the WP rep was not able to make the meeting. We will have to reach out to folks coordinating this event.

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