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Recreation Commission Minutes

September 26, 2016

Attendees: Brandt Troup, Emily Welsh, Amy Meeks, Bill Arrowood (via conference), Nivek Johnson (via conference)

-Pumpkin patch: To be held 10/22 at Memorial Plaza.  Will need to fill out permit.  Sticking with 10-2.  Brandt floated the idea of 11-3 to get more kids who are in Worton in the morning.  Emily suggested that a mid afternoon time may not be ideal for the u5 demo if that is our target.  Everyone agreed to keep the 10-2 times.  10/29 will serve as rain date.  Pumpkins to be purchased from Redman.  The team voted to cap this expense at $200.  Brandt will place the order at farmers’ market.  Bill suggested hayrides.  Brandt will reach out to some potential providers.  This may have to be a fee activity.  We discussed scarecrows and the mess they create.  Amy suggested a better use of straw may be a hay maze.  All liked the idea.  Arcadia Farm can get us the bales for free if we return them in the same condition $5 for each consumed bale.  We ill continue to offer pumpkin putt putt and bowling.

-Washington Park: Awaiting a quote from Men on the Move to see how much it would take to move a swing set from a private residence to Washington Park.  This was brought to our attention by Carol Mylander.  The team voted to go forward and allow $150 for this project.  Brandt noted that if the quote comes in higher, the team will reassess the allocation.  Washington Park day saw lighter attendance than previous year, owing to moving the event to the rain date.

-Ajax: Quote received from Rebuilding Kent Together.  180′ of fencing would cost $2,600 which is a large commitment on a $5,000 budget.  Brandt had requested another number, leaving the old Tidewater side open. This side could be boxed in with benches and greenery. Bill Ingersoll has gone forward with the building permit.  CRC will ask the Town for some relief if Town decides it wants the three sided fence.

-Pokémon scavenger hunt: Nivek has been working with Kristen Owen on a “live action” Pokémon game for enthusiasts.  The idea is similar to other Main Street types of hunts.  Players are encouraged to capture the various Pokémon located at different stores.  Anybody who can “catch’em all” will be entered into a prize pool. First Friday in November is target for this event.  Nivek did not have a dollar figure on any CRC commitment.

-Golf equipment: Brandt has spoken to Frank Hogans Jr about procuring the golf equipment (which we borrow from the bowling alley for fall event) from the currently shuttered bowling alley.  He stated that the equipment could be made available.  The team is pondering an offer, and requested an inventory.  Bill Arrowood noted that there are “portable” mini-golf options if we wanted to look at something new in the future.  This is still in the conceptual stage.  We would be remiss in our duties if we did not ponder all recreational possibilities.


Adjourned 7:15pm

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