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Recreation Commission

April 25, 2016


Brant Troup, Carol Mylander, Jenn Hicks

  • Follow up on presentation:
    • Bailey playground will go in the queue after other grant projects are completed.  Ajax pocket park received unanimous support.  Much of the remaining funds for current FY were used for a swing set.   Mayor and Bill Ingersoll felt that placement should be at the Ajax site as opposed to Wilmer.  Citizen feedback has been positive.
    • The group discussed what else should be included in the park.  Fencing, shaded area and seating are needed.  Brandt would like to keep the hoop in some form though the current black top has too much of a footprint on the property and is in disrepair.  Brandt noted that Mayor’s inclination is to the scarp the court altogether.  Equipment from police station needs to be migrated.  Games that skew younger such as tetherball, hopscotch and four square are quick and inexpensive additions that CRC could make immediately.
  • Budget – We need to provide our ask for May budget sessions:
    • Brandt suggested that we frame this similar to school budgeting.  Physical improvements should be suggested under the heading of capital requests and other requests should be made as CRC operating fund.  The capital requests will be mostly for Bailey set asides as Jenn wants to see this funded over multiple years.  CRC operating fund will continue to be for movie nights, seasonal activities, Ajax improvements, signage, Washington Park improvements and seeding citizen created sports leagues.
    • The group wishes to finalize its request by 5/16.
  • Detour to fun – Bridge Closure
    • Tabled due to further delay in bridge repairs.
  • Movie night
    • Need to hire projectionist, secure site and agree on titles.
  • Washington Park
    • Last year, discussions took place to take out the Fountain Park benches (Garden Club and Mayor).  I informed Harold Somerville of this and asked if WP might be a suitable relocation spot for the benches painted by the school kids.  Also, I believe there are many school and educator tie-ins to the neighborhood (confirmed by Nivek).  Much discussion among town personnel about migrating benches to Ajax.  Two would be a suitable number.  The rest would fill the WP space nicely.
    • Mayor suggested moving Ajax hoop to WP.
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