About the Kent County Humane Society

We are an Open Admission animal shelter, and welcome every animal in need that we can legally accept.

As an Open Admission shelter, we take in many animals who may not be immediate candidates for adoption. Whenever possible, our foster parents work with these animals to rehabilitate them and qualify them for adoption to good homes.

There is no set limit to the length of time an animal can remain in our adoptions program. As long as we have space, and the pet appears to be able to maintain good physical and emotional health in our kennel environment (or foster home), the pet will remain in our program.

Every animal, however long it remains in our adoptions program, is guaranteed a clean, safe, comfortable space, nutritious food and fresh water, medical supervision and, when needed, care and supplies, as well as interaction with volunteers who groom, exercise, and socialize with them.

The Humane Society of Kent County Maryland, Inc is a private, charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with any other animal-welfare organization, locally or nationally. rely entirely on the income from our community and on donations from the public in order to keep our doors open.

We invite you to become more involved by becoming a volunteer or a foster parent.

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