Ben Tilghman, chair (
Pam White, vice chair
David Hegland, secretary
Fredy Granillo
Ingrid Hansen
Carla Massoni
Samuel Edward Moore
Sam Shoge
Gordon Wallace

Public Arts Committee – Minutes & Agendas


As recommended by the Town of Chestertown’s Public Art Master Plan, a Public Art Committee was formed in 2020 to oversee and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on the acquisition, placement and upkeep of works of public art.


The Public Arts Committee will help the Town of Chestertown promote and implement the installation of artwork in public places for the enrichment of the community. Specifically, the Committee will foster the goals set forth in Chestertown’s Public Arts Master Plan, including the selection, installation, maintenance and preservation of high-caliber art on property owned or controlled by the Town. The committee also will foster educational programming and activities that engage the community and increase the understanding and enjoyment of public art by residents and visitors.


The Committee will consist of nine (9) volunteers with expertise and interest in Art, Art Administration, Design, Education or a related field.  It should reflect the diversity of the Chestertown community in its membership and its work on behalf of the Town.  In following Town guidelines, the committee members should be drawn largely from Chestertown residents, although nonresidents can be appointed on the basis of their relevant expertise, experience or commitment.

Committee members will serve three-year terms, subject to renewal for no more than two terms. Former members can be reappointed after being off the committee for at least one full year. At the first meeting of the calendar year, members will select a Chair and Vice Chair to coordinate and preside over meetings and a Secretary to record the minutes and maintain documents relevant to the Committee’s work.

The manager of Chestertown’s Arts & Entertainment District and the executive director of the Kent Cultural Alliance will serve as ex officio members to facilitate the work of the committee.

Members can be removed, with or without cause, by the Mayor and Council.

The Committee will meet at least four times a year and will keep a record of its proceedings and actions to be posted on the Town Website. Meetings may be held in-person or remotely through conference call or teleconferencing. The presence of a majority of the members is required for any vote or action.  In the case of a physical meeting, a member unable to attend can participate through speakerphone or videoconferencing. Meeting dates and times will be posted on the Town Website and the meetings will be open to the public.

The Committee will report to the Mayor and Council on its activities twice yearly, or more frequently as needed.



The Public Arts Committee’s responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Review the Chestertown Public Arts Master Plan at least once every five years, making recommendations to the Mayor and Council for any updates or revisions.
  2. Make recommendations to the Mayor and Council concerning proposed gifts or loans of public art.
  3. Guide the Town’s selection process for commissioned works of public art, both temporary and permanent.
  4. Create educational events and programs focused on works of public art.
  5. Facilitate the creation of signs that identify, interpret and enhance enjoyment of individual works of public art.
  6. Develop and document detailed procedures for the preservation, maintenance and routine care of public art installations.
  7. Monitor the condition and maintenance of the Town’s public art, possibly engaging citizen volunteers in the effort, and reporting any problematic conditions or concerns to the Town Manager.
  8. In coordination with the Mayor and Council, raise funds for public art projects and installations and for their repair and maintenance.
  9. Recommend the re-location or removal of a work of public art as necessary.
  10. Serve as a helpful resource and/or partner with other government entities, private individuals and local organizations and institutions considering or planning the installation of a temporary or permanent work of public art on their own property within Town limits.
  11. Partner with other Town and County committees, nonprofits, institutions and personnel to accomplish some or all of the duties and responsibilities outlined here.

The manager of the Arts & Entertainment District and the Executive Director of the Kent Cultural Alliance serve as ex officio members to facilitate the work of the committee.

The PAC meets, as needed, on the second Tuesday of the month.  While COVID-19 precautions require meetings by video conference.  To attend a meeting, contact the A&E District Manager ( at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting to receive log-in information.

Public Arts

Click here to view the final Chestertown Public Arts Master Plan.


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