Planning Commission: (Term 5 years – 7 members)

Owen Bailey                   October 2027
Jim Gatto                          January 2028
John Hutchison               October 2024
Cinda Pitcock                  July 2028
Jay Silcox                         January 2028
Heidi Usilton                   July 2028
Elizabeth Watson           September 2028

Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Review of the Comprehensive Plan will begin at 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular 7:30 meeting. 

Planning Commission – Minutes & Agendas

A Planning Commission is hereby appointed for the purpose of making a comprehensive study of present conditions and expected growth in the town, and formulating or designing a Master Plan for the town and designing a zoning ordinance based on the Master Plan.

The Planning Commission shall be responsible for administering the portions of the zoning and subdivision ordinances as are assigned to the Planning Commission in those ordinances.

(excerpt from Charter of the Town of Chestertown)


The Chestertown Planning Commission is initiating an update of the Chestertown Comprehensive Plan at the upcoming July 19th meeting at Town Hall at 7 p.m. The regular meeting of the Planning Commission will begin at 7:30 p.m. All upcoming meetings of the Planning Commission will start at 7 p.m. until the review and update of the Comprehensive Plan is completed. Special meetings may be arranged as needed.

Maryland’s Land Use Article states that planning commissions have the function and duty to update their municipality’s comprehensive plan at a minimum every ten years, and to present this plan to the local legislative or governing body for its consideration and adoption. Chestertown’s Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to public and private actions and decisions to ensure the development of public and private property in appropriate relationships. Public participation and input are vital to ensuring the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan consists of sections dealing with land use, housing, transportation, community facilities, mineral resources, development regulations, areas of critical state concern, sensitive areas, fisheries, implementation, development capacity analysis, municipal growth and water resources.

 Public participation is strongly encouraged.


Join Us!
Anyone wishing to serve on a Commission or Committee should send a resume to Town Hall (118N Cross Street, Chestertown, Maryland 21620) with a letter of interest indicating which Commission or Committee that they would like to serve.
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