Tree Committee, Town Agendas & Minutes, 2022|

Chestertown Tree Committee Meeting – Agenda

June 28, 2024


The Tree Committee meetings are held in Town Hall, 118 N. Cross Street. Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 3:30 pm the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise announced. 


Members: Jeff Coomer, Ruth Menefee, Cynthia Saunders, Paul Saywell, and Connie Schroth


Guests: Kate Livie and Joy Mayfield


  • Call the meeting to order
  • Approval of Tree Committee (TC) minutes from June 7, 2024 and review “Action Items”.
  • Review (again) TC contact list; add TC member terms
  • Press coverage brainstorm with Kate Livie: who are we trying to reach? develop a plan and process; should we set up a Facebook page? What about using the Town website?
  • Subcommittee update: GIS mapping initiative (training for Ruth and Paul)
  • Subcommittee update: Tree Ord (PaulS and RuthM) – Review draft of Tree Ord and three related parts: Application/Permit, Guidance and Checklist
  • Assessment of tree watering by Bartlett, discuss 250-500-gal capacity tote with gas powered pump and 100 foot hose or other methods
  • Discuss Phase II planting locations for ShoreRivers (SR). Recommend Oct – April 2025. Divide up areas of Town by ward, one per TC member; discuss process to include a good timeline to be ahead of planting seasons, locations and species; also address tree removals to be done prior to SR proposed planting sites (SR does not remove trees)
  • Open discussion
  • Adjourn


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